Best Scary Movies

Demi Jensen, Opinion Editor

Are you sad that Halloween is over? Do you want to continue the fright for just a little while longer? Here’s a list of five must-see scary movies to meet all of your post-Halloween needs.

Nightmare On Elm Street: This cheesy horror film is classic. A perfect blend of comedy and dread makes this movie undeniably the top scary movie. Literally a nightmare come to life. No one will want to sleep after watching Nightmare On Elm Street.

The Sixth Sense: Although not as well known amongst young people, this horror films deserves to be number two. This movie is truly disturbing and horrifying at a psychological level and will make anyone rethink what is real or not. An iconic plot twist at the end makes this film even more perfect.

Insidious: A more modern horror film, Insidious has deservingly made its way onto the list of classic horror films. This movie is brilliant and terrifying with a shocking plot twist bound to scare even the most unscareable. But beware, Insidious is definitely one of the scariest horror films of our generation.

Silence of the Lambs: This horror film is disturbing in every sense of the word. Cannibalism, murder, and kidnapping make this movie nearly scarring on a deeper level. A truly horrifying blend of everyone’s worst nightmares.

The Exorcist: While this classic can be quite cheesy and humorous, its depiction of exorcism is gruesome and nightmarish, to say the least. A must-watch for the halloween season. Who knew a little girl could be so terrifying?