Underclassmen should be allowed to go off campus for lunch

Zach Lewis, Journalism 1 Staff Writer

Our school, along with many other schools,  has the policy that only upperclassmen can go off campus for lunch. Almost all reasons as to why underclassmen are unable to go off campus for lunch stem off of age. Some common assumptions or beliefs associated with younger kids are lack of maturity, care, and responsibility.This is not fair for underclassmen who are mature, responsible, and caring but are unable to have a chance due to their age.

Currently there are some pretty strict off campus lunch rules at our school. These rules state that the only students allowed to go off campus for lunch are upperclassmen (juniors and seniors). This disregards whether or not a student is the same age as someone in a different grade, or if that student has their own drivers license.

For most schools, the reasoning behind underclassmen (freshmen and sophomores) not going off campus for lunch are maturity, carelessness, and age. However, not all underclassmen follow these traits. In fact, in a lot of cases, it is the upperclassmen who are immature and cause the most trouble, for example Senior skip day. Also, what could underclassmen do that the upperclassmen don’t already do? Most of them will have to be with a friend or sibling who is an upperclassmen because they don’t have their own license, which would force them to behave like the older kids even if they were inclined to make a bad decision.

Of course, there would have to be some special rules for these underclassmen that would allow them to go off campus, such as parent/guardian consent. This is very important because the guardian of the student must be aware and approve of whether or not the student can go off campus or not. If there is no approval from the guardian, then that student is not allowed to go off campus for lunch.

There are many benefits to letting underclassmen leave for lunch. One of these major benefits would be to help reduce the chaotic number of people in the Lower Commons during lunch. Rather than having to open up the Dog House and add another place to clean up after lunch, allowing underclassmen to go off campus would be much more practical and more effective.

Many underclassmen support being able to leave for lunch. Sophomore Mitchell Getting said, “I think that when you get your driver’s license you should be able to go off campus for lunch.” In regards to underclassmen who don’t have their licenses, Getting said, “They can go if their ride says they can. They would have to buy a passenger pass or something but if they get their license during the school year they can use the already purchased passenger pass as credit towards that full off campus pass.” Although many agree with the opinion that underclassmen should be allowed to go off campus for lunch, not all agree. Junior Alyssa Riker said “Underclassmen should not be allowed to go out because a majority of them cannot drive and they make bad decisions.”

Overall, underclassmen should not be limited to school lunch just because of their age or common assumptions based on their age. As long as they meet the requirements for all students to be able to leave campus for lunch, and the requirements specially for them, then they should be authorized to go off campus too.