Man Who Killed Seven Girls in 1997 Released From Prison Life Sentence

Abby Seeber, Opinion Editor

Ahmed Daqamseh has been released from prison after shooting and killing seven eighth graders in 1997 in Amman, Jordan. His twenty year sentence has been served and Daqamseh has been released from imprisonment.

In 1997, Daqamseh shot at a total fourteen young girls, seven of which died. After being deemed as mentally unstable, he was sentenced to life in prison. According to Fox News Associated Press, “In Jordan, life terms are not open ended, and prisoners can be released after 20 years.” Portage Northern Senior, Kennedy Williams stated “ I think it’s unfair to the families of the victims; that they have to live knowing this man that’s killed one of their family members gets to continue living as a free man.”

It is difficult to imagine the hardships these families have to face knowing he walks free. “Sadly, I think something like this could happen in the United States,” says Omar Thaj (11).  “ (To prevent this from happening) Schools should teach kids about different cultures and religions and their practices. Also, don’t give a gun to a person who is mentally unstable.” continues Thaj, bringing up the issue of the United States’ current law of the Right to Bear Arms.

During his initial trial, Daqamseh claimed his justification for shooting the girls was they had mocked him while he was praying. The court ruled that Daqamseh’s behavior is due to his Antisocial Personality Disorder.

Upon his return to his home village, Ibdur, he was welcomed with hugs and kisses on the cheeks. Earlier, Daqamseh told reporters “Israelis are human garbage.” The Independent stated “In Jordan, a life tariff is set at 25 years, but officials announced plans to release the notorious killer several years ago.”

Ibdur currently roams free. Jessica Spray (9) stated “In my opinion, I don’t think he should have been (released).” Residents in Jordan have mixed feelings towards his life sentence being dissolved.

While still serving his time, The Jordanian Justice Minister in 2011 released a statement as he called for Daqamseh’s early release comparing the situation to other ethnicities. In 2011 he said “If a Jewish person killed Arabs, his country would have built a statue for him instead of imprisonment.”

Daqamseh denies committing any crime.