Track season starts today!

Keegan Tenney, Staff Writer

It’s the start of March, meaning the snow is starting to deplete and the Doghouse will be filled with loads of sweaty teens as the track season is starting! The students are excited as they finally get to do what they love, having waited all year for the season to arrive. “It’s a lot of fun, the people are accepted and send out good vibes. My advice is to try out a bunch of different things; sprinting, long distance, jumping, throwing, and everything in between to find a place where you stand out,” said Ross Argue (11). Putting people in good shape, the 3 month long season is full of fun and joy, consisting of over a hundred students on the team.

The track surrounding the old football field recently got torn down due to the building of the new stadium. “We are going to make the best of it. Knowing these “growing pains” are just a means to an an end and we will finally have our own state of the art stadium as opposed to the worst Division 1 stadium in the state of Michigan,” said Ahren Kaylor, the coach of the large team. Although pretty much everyone is looking forward to the new stadium, it’s difficult to squeeze as many people on the team as there are into the amount of space that they have, and be able to practice. “We are going to be bussed over to PC twice a week for practices and we have to host our meets at McCamley Field too. The “home” practice days will be a challenge because there is limited green space to run our workouts,” continues Kaylor.


The team has a lot to look forward to this year, including returning state qualifiers Joe Brown (12) in sprints, Peyton Witt (10) in distance, Randy Prince (12) in throws, most of the men’s 4×800 team, and school-record breaking pole vaulter Madison Ford (12). These members of the team and others will improvise their practice space to the best of their ability so that they can succeed in this upcoming season.