Lacrosse Season Preview: The Boys Prepare for Another Great Season

Lily Antor, Entertainment editor

Peering through the south-west facing windows of the school may allow students to catch sight of the bare, seemingly deserted lacrosse field. Despite the fact that construction on PN’s property may change the appearance of the field soon, the lacrosse boys have already started preparing for the upcoming season.


Conditioning for lacrosse started in the doghouse a couple of weeks ago and the ‘lax’ boys are working hard to improve this season. “It’s definitely going to be difficult to improve off of our great season from last year, but this year we have a great midfield group  that will be conditioned really well for the season so I think we’ll have have a lot of offensive options,” said Lenz Blix (12), one of the varsity lacrosse captains. While the team went 12-3 last year, and they plan to do even better this year with fresh new talent on the team. “We have a lot of strong sophomores who will help us out this year, so I’m pretty excited for the season,” said Reece Brosco (12), another captain.


Not only are these boys working hard to become a competitive team yet again, but they are also working to have fun. Blix adds, “The best part of this team is the people. I’m looking forward to playing my favorite sport with some of my best friends for one last year.” Tryouts for both JV and Varsity Men’s Lacrosse teams are March 13-17 and anyone who has an interest in the sport can come, regardless of experience or access to equipment. Sticks will be provided to those who do not own one and anyone is welcome and encouraged to try out for the close-knit team.

Though the lacrosse field will soon be no more, as spring draws closer and closer the team will continue to prepare for its first game on March 25th, regardless of where they practice. Head Coach JD Kalleward adds, “It’s going to be a good season.”