Yordano Ventura dies at just 25 years old


/Wikimedia Commons

Ventura pitches in a 2015 game.

Carter Landis, Sports Editor

Tragic news from the baseball world Sunday morning, as Royals young and promising pitcher Yordano Ventura was killed in a car accident in the Dominican Republic. It is unknown if alcohol was a factor. Ventura’s death is the fourth in the last two years of baseball players dying in a vehicular crash. Oscar Tavares died in 2014 in the Dominican Republic after driving drunk. Jose Fernandez died in September after crashing his boat in Florida, being drunk and having done cocaine. Andy Marte also died on Sunday morning in a car crash in the Dominican Republic. Ventura’s death is shocking and very saddening, as he was a passionate, fiery young pitcher with a dominant career ahead of him. The MLB community mourns the loss of Yordano Ventura and he will be missed by many people throughout the league.