Annie Malek, J1 Staff Writer

Public Displays of Affection, possibly one of the most controversial topics at any high school. Why do couples feel such a strong urge to suck face and stick their tongues down each other’s throats in the hallways? Or pick each other up and prance through the hallways like Bambi and Thumper? Hello, this is not High School Musical people! I’d rather not walk out of my second hour and be confronted by a real life predator vs. prey, wild animal scene. Gross. The real question is: Are any types of PDA acceptable at Portage Northern or should it be shut down completely?


Personally, I believe some types of PDA can be acceptable. First, hand-holding; yes, it can be quite cringey but, let’s face it, it could be a lot worse. It’s not really necessary in school but making out isn’t really either. Another thing that is okay is hugging. Yes, I know, hugging can be extremely awkward while wearing backpacks (been there, done that), but it’s a great alternative to touching your significant other without riding them like you’re on horseback. The last thing I am going to mention that can be acceptable, is kissing goodbye/kissing on the cheek. No, by kissing goodbye I do NOT mean making out good bye, just kissing goodbye. Yes folks, there is a difference. There are definitely other alternatives to displaying your affection to your lover but I’ll let you think of those on your own; remember, be creative!


Next, let us discuss the don’ts of PDA. Ah, I could go on forever. First, the hallway make out sessions. Come on people, there’s literally five minutes in the hallway. Is that actually enough time to have a good time? And, for Pete’s sake, there’s only an hour of class before you get to see your girlfriend/boyfriend, it’s not a day, a month or a year! Trust me, you’ll be fine, you won’t die. Next, the dirty business going on in the parking lots during lunch (you know who you are). Seriously, in your car? Next to other people? AT SCHOOL? At least go home, no one needs to see that! Just plain nasty. Hopefully some of you take this into more consideration.


  • This couple was making out against my locker and I said ‘Save room for Jesus.’ But the guy was like, ‘I’m Jewish” and continued making out, so I just left”. -Lindsey Longhorn (12)
  • “PDA is extra.” – Lexi Kapenga (11)
  • “PDA is fun. I love spontaneously kissing strangers… jk.”  – Caroline Brown (12)
  • “All of my freshman year there was a couple that would make out right in front of my locker before school, so I basically had to wedge myself in between them to get into my locker, and it was a very uncomfy position.” – Kim White (11)
  • “I don’t see why people think it’s so necessary, just relax!” – Manny Tsang (11)
  • “Bad.”  – Ryan Ingersoll (10)
  • “I just don’t come to school to see couples that probably won’t be together within the next month all over each other in the hallway.” – Max Rathburn (10)