#PNSpook2016 Category Winners Announced


The Senate announced the overall grand champions of the contest earlier this week and rewarded their efforts with Timbits, but the category winners remained undecided until today. Congratulations to the following winners, who will receive candy prizes from the Northern Light staff in their first hour classes on Thursday:

1st: Tori Swink
2nd: Calvin Voss
3rd: Morgan ‘Leigh’ Everett
1st: Dani Ellis
2nd: Abby Paige
3rd: Mr. Searing
1st: Abby Paige and Yago Pujol
2nd: Ashyln Suloff and Audrey Everett
3rd: Annie Mealk and Gween Park
1st: Lenz Blix and Hannah Powers
2nd: Hunter Hattley
3rd: Matt Krailick
1st: Cody Kockerill
2nd: Nick Crocker
3rd: George Coy

Click here to see all of the photos taken by the NL Staff at the spooky photo booth.