Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

Lexi Gavlas, Spotlight Editor

Let the countdown begin! The first trailer of the Gilmore Girls “A Year in the Life” Netflix Original was released last Tuesday and gave fans a taste of what the mini-series might consist of.  The early 2000’s series features Parenthood star Lauren Graham and her onscreen daughter Alexis Bledel.  The “Gilmore Girls” are still kicking and ready for the final spinoff of the 7 year experience fans of all ages have all lived and breathed through.  

Writer and producer Amy Sherman Palladino is back and better than ever after her leave of absence immediately following the sixth season.  Many fans were disappointed with the outcome of the forsaken “seventh season” and the lack of Palladino’s timeless humor and charm.  If you’re late to the trend, fear not! The series will not be released until November 25th of next month, which gives you approximately 28 days  (give or take a few) to binge watch the seven seasons as if your life DEPENDS ON IT.  So sit back, brew up some coffee, and get your Gilmore on.  For those of you who have not yet finished the series (seriously?), I recommend that you get a headstart on your GG marathon because some “spoilers” are up next.

The two minute, twenty six second trailer of the mini series has fans raving over the return of all their favorite characters and drops some hints as to what the duo has been up to for the last ten or so years.  Kirk, the beloved town weirdo, is back and attending Friday night dinner??  Even better, Luke makes an appearance IN the Gilmore’s kitchen cooking both Rory and Lorelai breakfast, still bickering about the girl’s gutsy eating habits.  Could Luke and Lorelai have ended up together? The couple were last spotted outside of Luke’s diner smooching in the rain approximately ten years ago in the season finale.  There doesn’t seem to be any little ones running around, but the trailer makes it evident  that they most definitely are an item…though within the trailer,  Lorelai confides in her friend over the details of their relationship, saying something along the lines of “Luke and I are happy,” with the slightest bit of uncertainty in her voice. So, one Gilmore down, two to go. The trailer reveals that Rory is in fact unemployed and feeling a little “lost” in her journey of life.  The trio of Dean, Jess, and Logan all make an appearance in the preview, though Jess is the only one to have a speaking part…do I smell rekindling relations??  The third and final Gilmore Girl, Emily, is spotted wearing JEANS and her usual (might I add *styling*) pantsuit is nowhere to be found. We last left Emily and her husband Richard happily married in their home in Hartford, but since then, Richard Gilmore (Edward Herrmann) passed away in late 2014.  Emily is trying out new, interesting ways to cope with her loss, including keeping a 15 foot tall portrait of her husband in the middle of the Gilmore living room.  

Most of the Stars Hollow gang is featured within the trailer, giving fans hope of a beautiful series that leaves fans satisfied.  Until then, we will just have to wait and see what Palladino has in store for us in the four episode phenomenon airing on November 25th. Oy with the poodles already!