Election 2016: assessing the candidates

Lexi Doll, Staff writer

This year’s presidential election has been the major subject in all conversation nowadays.  Though some people may be all for Hillary Clinton and some people may be all for Donald Trump, but the truth is that these nominees both have good aspects as well as bad ones.

 Trump has often been perceived as racist, sexist, rude, and not fit to be president.  For a person to be hated as much as he is, him running for president makes people nervous. His destructive manners and careless behavior have people in an uproar.  Believe it or not, there are Trump supporters out there, and there are a lot of them.  Despite all the terrible things people may call him, he is believed to be confident, charismatic, and able to get the job done and “make America great again.”  The supporters believe that Trump will be able to fix all of America’s problems by getting rid of illegal immigrants, defeating Isis, building the economy, and taking our jobs back from other countries.  

Clinton, while currently leading the polls, can seem unfit for the presidency as well.  She has been proven to be very dishonest throughout her years of being in politics.  The email scandal she was involved in still comes back to haunt her to this day, especially in this year’s election.  Clinton, being the wife of former president Bill Clinton, will carry baggage from his presidency if she become president.  Bill made a lot of enemies within his time in office and that will travel with Hillary as well.  But, with all the negative, there is always some positive.  Hillary has far more experience in an office and politics than Trump does.  Clinton will also get a lot of her votes from women, which gives her a large advantage.  

Both candidates have their pros and cons, but all in all it is up to the voters to determine who will take charge and become the next President of the United States.