Finstagram? ‘Finstas’ taking Social Media by Storm


Lily Antor, Entertainment Editor

Over the past year, a new community in the social media forum of Instagram has emerged: the underground world of ‘finstas.’  Finsta is a term that combines the words “fake” and “instagram,” therefore emphasizing the concept of finsta: a junk-drawer for all instagram photos unworthy of one’s ‘rinsta’ or ‘real instagram’.  Finstas are often private and very low-key, usually only having a few followers that include close and trustworthy friends. People with finstas often have a real instagram that they let nearly everyone follow, and only let a select few follow their finstas.  Photos posted on finsta tend to be selfies of people crying, random photos with long rants as captions, funny videos, and sometimes inappropriate images and language. What’s the point? Weigh in below with your comments!