Mission to Mars



NASA released this graphic illustrating their proposed mission to the red planet.

Cameron Schaefer, Photographer

Recently, NASA (the National Aeronautics and Space Administration) released an article claiming they are working to both colonize and create a way for humans to safely make it to and from Mars. NASA hopes that by the 2030s they will have the technology and resources to develop the capabilities to send humans to Mars. The planet is comparable with Earth in that both planets share approximately the same amount of dry land surface area and both experience seasons and weather. However, Mars is only about one-half the diameter of Earth and its atmosphere is too thin for liquid water to exist for a long period of time on its surface, according to NASA scientists. For many years, people across the world have questioned this: Does life exist beyond Earth? Scientists have been working to uncover one of the greatest mysteries of all. It is believed that future exploration of Mars could reveal evidence of life and find an answer to this question. Visit www.nasa.gov and nationalgeographic.com for more information and updates on the planet of Mars and how scientists are working endlessly to put humans on the iron oxide filled rock.