Crunchtime for lunchtime

Bryn Bogemann, Journalism 1 Staff

here are many perks to being an upperclassman but there is one that seems to be a favorite: off campus lunch. We are surrounded by so many great fast food restaurants and other places to eat, however there’s just one problem: we only have a half hour to leave and come back. Many students have complained about the thirty minutes that we have to eat saying that it just isn’t enough time, and they have a point. I know that I personally don’t have an off campus lunch pass because I just wouldn’t have enough time to get to my car, drive to a restaurant, fight all the other students trying to get lunch, get back to school, and eat before the bell rang. Lunch is most students’ only time during the school day to sit back, relax, and talk with friends, but it’s hard to do that when you’re basically in a race against the clock with the prize being a hamburger and no tardies to waive. I’m sure that more people would get lunch passes, including me, if more time was offered for lunch. Until that happens, there will always be some students who just can’t justify getting a pass, and for their willingness to follow the rules and not be tardy, they will be rewarded merely with a   piece of okayish pizza.