Beanefits: Should a coffee bar be added to Portage Northern?


Allison McKenzie, Sports Editor

When 2 o’clock hits, the usual slump of the day is in full effect. Most students and teachers alike are ready to go into hibernation mode and need the pick-me-up of a cup of coffee. Without coffee being sold at Portage Northern, most students tend to drift off in class or are late to school due to picking up their favorite caffeinated drinks at a nearby shop. What would be a solution to all of these problems and many more? Answer: having a coffee bar or shop that students could use to relax, unwind, and rejuvenate so they can tackle their day.

  “I think that having a coffee bar would be great because we could generate more money into our school,” said Vanessa Burtis (10). Bringing in coffee could increase our dollar intake exponentially. School officials could then use the money raised for other activities or programs throughout the school. It may be costly to start, but the overall outcome would outweigh the initial cost and help our school in the long run.

  “A coffee bar would help students stay engaged, and as long as it’s not too costly, students would definitely be willing to buy it,” said Lexi Kapenga (10). Having coffee could really help students excel in learning and could potentially help raise their GPA’s because they will be more engaged. “Since coffee helps keep you awake, [fewer] people would be falling asleep which could result in an increase in GPA’s because more people are paying attention in class,” said Lexie Hughes (11).

  Some students, however, do not think that this would be a beneficial addition to our school. “I don’t think the school should sell coffee because I think it’ll be overpriced and not like the kind I buy in the morning,” said Issra Said (10). This may be true, but going to a coffee shop every morning takes extra time out of the day which could be spent doing other things such as catching some extra z’s or finishing homework from the night before. Not to mention, taking time out of the morning can be precious because that one coffee could result in tardies.

  Overall, adding a coffee shop to Portage Northern would definitely benefit the school in many ways. “Having a coffee bar at Portage Northern would help me so much because I am super tired and start to doze off during class so this addition would really keep me focused and help with my grades,” said Hughes. Whether it’s gaining more money, keeping students engaged, or saving attendance, putting in a coffee bar would do wonders for our school and students alike.

  Pender County School coffee shop run by students, benefits student groups

*Teachers hold meetings

*Cozy spot to hangout and study

*Helps culinary arts programs

*Gives students the entrepreneurial experience

*Brings money into schools funding