To tweet or not to tweet: Social media’s effect on relationships


Megna Joshi, Staff Writer

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and other social media outlets have made so many connections between people, but over the years social media has become more of a burden on a relationship than something that helps it. Social media has changed the way people communicate with one another, whether it be for good reasons or bad. Relationships specifically have changed ever since social media has become a norm in today’s society. Posting a picture of your relationship has all of a sudden become more important than the actual relationship.

When asked if social media hurts or helps a relationship, many people said that social media hurts. Nirvan Singh (11) said “social media creates an unrealistic idea of a relationship that many couples can not achieve, it puts so much pressure on the couple that they end up breaking up. I think that everyone would be happier if they did not post on social media.” Social media puts so much pressure on people to constantly post and tell everyone about their business, which then ruins their relationship. Furthermore, Social media can cause trust issues between couples and eventually ruin the relationship. Zoe Holdorf (11) says “being in a relationship with someone would be easier if social media did not exist, the relationship would be more natural and not so forced.”  Cortland Hassenburg (11) also agrees with this statement and says, “social media forces people to label relationships which then causes people to move too fast and puts too much weight on a relationship.”

Almost everyone can agree that social media hurts relationships to a certain degree, so why do people still use it? When asked this question, Tavian Whitely (11) said “social media also helps some people meet and can show other people how happy they are in their relationships.” People also agree that it depends on the people in the actual relationship, “I think that trust issues in relationships stem from the relationship itself, social media can’t be at blame for everything,” said Kyra Kothawala (11). Social media whether we like it or not, is something that everyone uses on a day to day basis. Amelia Carpenter (12) also agrees with this, “people use it everyday and it is a way for people to communicate with one another but it does come with a price”. It depends on the couple and the relationship itself, social media is not to blame for relationship issues. While social media makes it hard to be in a relationship, it should not be the reason why someone decides to end it. Social media has evolved relationships in our society, whether we like it or not.


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Tinder: An app where you can set up a profile that consists of a 500-word bio and up to six images, people then swipe left if they don’t like you and right if they do. Once both of you swipe right you can message.

Okcupid: This app creates a percentile score for users that reflects your “compatibility.” You can also choose to make your answers public and note how important they are to you.

Tastebuds: A new dating app that that highlights music tastes to ascertain compatibility.