The Kalamazoo area’s top five coffee joints

As rated by our staff


Lily Antor, Staff Writer

The Kalamazoo area boasts many coffee shops that vary in style and product selection; there is practically a guaranteed perfect fit for any local out there.  To make it easier to decide where to grab your next cup of jo, The Northern Light examines the top five coffee shops in town!


#5: Caffe Casa

This downtown locally-owned ‘Caffe’ has a little bit of everything.  From scrumptious, daily-baked goods to hot coffee that will make your mouth water, this place is a great spot to bring your laptop and relax for a few hours.  The actual coffee shop is quite spacious, with cool hanging plants and background music that is cohesive with the shop’s overall hipster feel.


#4: Biggby Coffee

Essentially this chain is the go-to coffee shop of Portage.  With multiple locations (including a brand-new one in downtown Kalamazoo!), there always seems to be a Biggby right around the corner.  They don’t have many baked goods, but they make up their lack of food with the variety of their drink menu.  


#3: Something’s Brewing

As indicated in the name, something (amazing) is brewing at this local downtown Kalamazoo coffee joint.  Not only do they have great variety in their menu, but their speciality drinks are off-the-charts good.  Additionally, this is a great place to grab your coffee and then enjoy a leisurely stroll downtown.


#2: Water Street Coffee Joint

At both shops (one by Portage Central and one downtown), you will find that the baked goods are literally baked goodness.  With a huge variety of bakery items and lunch foods, this is the best coffee shop in town if you’re craving a meal.  Additionally, they have a great version of the cafe staple: hot, freshly-brewed coffee.


#1: Fourth Coast Cafe

Located right below the popular breakfast spot Crows Nest, this unique coffee joint possesses a quaint, ‘underground indie’ vibe illuminated by the it’s neat decor.  Since they’re open 24/7, they always have baked goods still warm from the oven and never fail to prepare a pot of their DELICIOUS coffee for your purchase and enjoyment.  Additionally, they have the best mochas you could possibly taste for a really cheap price – talk about a bargain!


Hopefully this top five list of nearby coffee shops will help you decide to try a new place or stick with your favorite.  Regardless of where you go, you’re guaranteed a good cup of coffee!