Abigail Seeber, Staff Writer



As the school year rounds to a close, and our seniors have departed, it leaves us feeling the need to pass on our wisdom to the next generation. #HighSchoolTaughtMe was recently the “Number One Most Used Hashtag on Twitter,” and it is in everyone’s best interest to go on the nostalgic journey through high school, by none other than the humble hashtag. So what exactly did we learn?


It is important to remember the necessities of life.


“#HighSchoolTaughtMe headphones are your best friend.”


That procrastination can sometimes spark more creativity than a well thought out thesis.


“#HighSchoolTaughtMe that waiting last minute really produces ur best work.”


That we need to recall our most important memories.


“#HighSchoolTaughtMe TheFitnessGram™  Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues.”


By no means should you take a sick day from learning.


“#HighSchoolTaughtMe your grades are more important than your health.”


And it is important to keep the same nightly routine.


“#HighSchoolTaughtMe if you didn’t leave your phone plugged in overnight, the next morning was an automatic L.”


Utilize your resources.


“#HighSchoolTaughtMe quizlet is a gift straight from God!”


And most importantly: Change is good.


“ #HighSchoolTaughtMe that you outgrow people you thought you’d be with forever and that’s okay.”


Though it was more work than we wanted at times, high school and grade school in general has prepared us for our future in more ways than we realize. Of course learning not to bite people in first grade was a valuable taught lesson, there were some things that we had to learn for ourselves.Our education was more than learning about our past, and how to find the square root of 524, it was about developing friendships, learning how to be kind, and creating our own future.