PPS OK’s the future

Portage Public School has plans underway to build new school facilities.


Portage Public Schools

PPS Community Relations Manager Michelle Karpinski reports these are not the final plans but are the most up-to date as released by PPS.

Drew Dixon, staff writer

Portage Public Schools OK’s the Future

On this year’s extra day, February 29th, leap year day, Portage Public Schools took a major leap of their own. A leap into the future. The Portage Public school board unanimously voted to give the go-ahead to the future designs for Portage Northern and Portage Central. These plans involve the majority of the 144 million dollar voter-approved renovations.

The renovations as suggested by the architecture firm c2ae/Stantec are as follows:

Portage Central:

  • A new three-story Central middle school built east of Westnedge Ave. and as a part of the old Administration building.
  • Across the street, a new football field will be constructed in place of dilapidated McCamley Field.
  • Furthermore, two additional practice fields will be constructed to the west of Westnedge Ave.

Portage Northern:

  • Portage North Middle School will be demolished along with portions of PCEC (specifics yet to be determined).
  • The tennis courts across from Northern High School will be demolished then put in place of the old North Middle.
  • A new three-story Middle School will be constructed in place.
  • A 5,000 seat stadium will be built in the northwest lacrosse/band practice field, with a parking lot west of it.
  • There will be a new aquatic center/pool added to the Doghouse.
  • The baseball field will be relocated to the eastern section of the athletic complex next to the softball field.
  • Additionally, two new practice fields will be constructed in the northeast corner of the athletic complex.

A time frame as to when construction shall begin and end should be determined within the next three weeks and then released to the public. With such deep and complex changes occurring over the course of the next five or so years, the renovations will be a topic of conversation for years to come. As this leap into the future of Portage education continues onward we must remember that this all came with another leap; a leap of faith from the people of Portage.