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Nicole Bobb, news editor

Some people are blaming Obama for the rise of Donald Trump

“White people are scared because they feel like they’re losing their voice- like they’re supposed to be superior and now aren’t.” -Anonymous


Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders won the Michigan Primary

“I am so overwhelmed with joy that my grandpa Bernie Sanders won the Michigan primary.” – Tashifa Fayyaz (11)


Caitlyn Jenner stated that she thinks Donald Trump would be good for women’s issues

“You mean the man who talks about his daughter in an incestual manner?” -Jenna Mattison (12)

“Bad.” -Aubrey Schieber (11)

“No.” -Dorian Murphy (11)


Portage amends firearms ordinance to be more in line with state law

“Good! Guns kill people every day and are legal, but I can’t legally bring [chocolate] Kinder Surprise eggs into the country, besides they’re delicious.” -Dorian Murphy (11)


Scientists have been able to genetically modify chicken embryos to have dinosaur legs

“GO SCIENCE!” -Alison Yelsma (11)