Taylor Slager, Staff Writer

Bench press, squat, and deadlift are the three most widely known power lifts. During practices the powerlifting team does specific lifts to keep an even balance of muscle in the body and this helps them to stabilize muscles that helps them achieve a higher weight for the lifts. “Everyone cheers each other on when trying to beat their maxes,” says Hannah Argue (12). The team is very supportive toward  one another. Here at Portage Northern, we have an amazing powerlifting team. They all work very hard to get where they are.

  Just recently, we had three Portage Northern students place first at states. Hannah Hopkins (11) was top in state for girls. Grant McNally (12) and Joshawn Wilson (11) both placed first for boys. Argue (12) placed second, Taylor Lyke (10) placed sixth, Dasani Baynes (9) placed fifth and Alex Placke (10) placed tenth at states this year. Everyone on the team did an awesome job throughout the season.

  Not only do they encourage each other, but they also have fun during practices and at meets. “A lot of people forget to put clips on after all the weights are on so there’s always a loud bang,” said Hopkins. “A funny thing is the guys faces when you lift more than them,” said Argue. Knowing Argue, she probably sees that face from the guys a lot.  

  “I got the cops called on me when trying to pick-up Joe Brown for a meet. I was picking up Joe Brown for a meet one morning and it was about 5:30 in the morning. I texted him letting him know I was at his house, but he never answered. So I went and knocked on the door a couple times to see if he was up, but no one answered so I kept knocking at the door. His parents did not recognize me so they called the cops on me,” says Carter Taverna (11).

  According to the team, there are a lot of interesting things that happen when the team is all together. “Everyone is themselves during practices,” said Hopkins. Adding on to what Hopkins had to say about everyone being themselves, Carter Taverna said, “Lots of weird things happen during practices.”