Deone strikes back


Deone Stovall

After a basketball game last season, Stovall poses with his friends cherishing his fans’ game poster.

Ryan Beadle, Staff Writer

On February 1st a familiar face returned to the halls of Portage Northern for the first time this school year. Deone Stovall(12), back from a semester at PCEC, has rejoined the senior class and is excited to finish out his senior year here. “It’s exciting to be back at Northern and see my fellow classmates,” said Stovall.

Stovall was able to have a very unique experience in spending a semester at PCEC. “The teachers are very compassionate about the kids attending there and dedicate their time to get kids back on track,” said Stovall of his experience at PCEC. He learned a lot and grew as a person during his semester there, citing the teachers and students desire to “build positive relationships between each other,” as a huge reason for the success of the PCEC program.

Having him back really brought some energy back into our class

— Chris Spray

The student body here at Portage Northern is excited to have Stovall back because of his infectious personality. “Having him back really brought some energy back into our class,” says Chris Spray(12).

Stovall kept a positive attitude and stayed involved here at Northern in many ways during his time at PCEC. Stovall was one of our best super fans during football season and continued to be very good friends with many students here at Northern. “Deone returning is bigger than the quesalupa at Taco Bell,” said Peter Maurer(12).

The return of Stovall had a positive effect on the overall morale of the student body and it is safe to say everyone is glad to see Stovall’s smiling face back in the hallways. and Deone is certainly happy to be back as well.