The latest “trendy trends”


Beverly Santos, staff writer


Every year, there are trends that become viral to teenagers everywhere. The trends begin after a new video, dance move, song, or movie. Even targeting politicians on social media has become a commonplace. After introducing the new year, there were bound to be more social trends for this generation. Once we left 2015, some continued to follow and become a bigger trend than what it was to begin with while others lacked attention.

Shattering many box office records, Disney released Star Wars: The Force Awakens in December. Northern students contributed to the record-breaking showings- some students went to the premiere at midnight while others went to see it the following weekend. Fans were left with the urge to see it again. With free tickets, Riley Fernandez (10) went to the showing twice. “I couldn’t pass up free tickets and the movie was definitely awesome,” Fernandez said.

Joggers and Socks, one of Northern’s very own trends that began this year were wearing joggers tucked in with socks- typically boys wore this one. The lacrosse team had decided to do it amongst them and from that moment on, the look expanded to others. “I started seeing it around and I figured why not,” Jesse Liebert (11) said. The fashion trend has become very popular for teenage guys everywhere.

“Dabbing” has become one of the most popular trends. With several songs that refer to the dance move, it also led for it to become a trendy trend for teens, inside and outside of the song, “Dab” by Migos. According to Megan Ianni (9), “I feel like it happens too much in school or anywhere for that matter. It’s going to stick around for longer than most trends since it’s been pretty popular.” Turning against with a different point of view, “Dabbing is going to be gone by summer; it just seems like it’s happening at any time rather than at a dance or when it’s appropriate. People are doing it when they sneeze,” said Alex Reyes (10).

Jimmy Choo by Fetty Wap has slowly become a targeted parody for teens; some may realize that it all began with the first video of the two teenage girls who get out of their car at a gas station to dance to the song. From popular remakes on Twitter, the video went viral in various ways. Not only from the original, even teenagers are making their own version of the song.

One of the most recent and final social media trends consists of bashing of 2016 presidential candidates, especially hate towards Donald Trump. The new game, “Trump Dump,” encouraged the players to beat Trump’s wall in order to drop bodily fluids on him, that’s an interesting outcome… Since Donald Trump apparently tweeted that he would drop out of the presidential race if it reached a certain amount of downloads. Now we also have Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton memes that have seemed to caught the attention of people everywhere. The trend has written captions of one sounding more superior due to their standpoints.

The year has just begun and trends are starting to pop into place; soon before we know it, we’ll be dabbing into another series of viral fashion trends and social media outbreaks of retweets and parodies of another video. What’s next? There will be the making of Bernie vs Hillary Pokemon cards. This is only the beginning.