The men behind the buns

Man buns at Portage Northern


Megan McKenzie, Editor-in-Chief

We all know that luscious knot found on only the coolest of men: the man bun. You can spot the men behind these buns a mile away when you sense their powerful aura. The bun gives these men a power and confidence unknown to the rest of mankind. So who are these men with this impressive hairstyle? Let’s take a closer look at the men behind the bun at Portage Northern:

Wayne Matunas (12):

Who he is: “A sound of mother nature.”

What he does: Runs cross country and track at PN. “The brotherhood [of cross-country] is true and deep,” said Matunas. He also rocks at superfanning.

Favorite Color: “Purple… the color of royalty.”

Go to outfit: “Khakis, button down flannel, and you can’t forget the fresh grey converse.”

Why he respects the man bun: “It’s a sense of power; if I were to say one thing that brings me strength to my body, it’s my hair.”

Tyler Stinchcomb (12)

Who he is: “I’m a pretty complex guy so this could take a while.”

What he does: Works at Ritter’s Frozen Custard, drums in 3 different bands, and captain for Science Olympiad

Favorite Animal: Okapi (part of the giraffe family). “Something as large as an okapi, which stands about 7 feet tall, only being discovered a little over a hundred years ago astounds me.”

Why he respects the man bun: “Dude, the man bun is unique bro. Not every dude could rock it, only the few, the proud, and the brave. Us man buns don’t care what society thinks, we don’t think, we just do.”