How to dab

Welcome to the #thuglife


Dabbing takes Portage Northern by storm. These are the steps to know.

Cortney Chow, Feature Editor

Dabbing became an overnight hit on Vine and YouTube but one cannot simply “hit the dab” without proper instruction.  Although this may look like sneezing, some consider this art in modern culture while others are waiting for this to pass just like twerking and whipping. Without further a due, this is your own How To Dab 101.


  1. Feel the Beat

I cannot stress how important this step is. Not feeling the original Hit The Dab? That’s fine! Turn on that High School Musical (or whatever you prefer) and get ready to dab your heart out. There’s nothing sadder than a dab without passion so you’re either in it to win it or you’re going home.  As Drake would say, “go zero to one hundred real quick.” GO TO THAT 100!


  1. Master the Stance

Have you ever seen someone dance with the same posture as a stiff tree? No! And if you have, make them read this—immediately! When doing the dab, you have to remember to keep moving or at least have some kind of movement in your legs. The basic stance is to keep both legs a little further than shoulder width apart and bend those knees. When you hit the dab, make sure you’re bending your knees or lift one knee up every time you dab.


  1. “Sneeze”

This is the most important step when hitting the dab. This is what sets the dance apart from the whip and the nae-nae. First, you lean to the right or left with your head leading the way. Second, you pretend like your sneezing, but what do you do when you sneeze? You use the nook of your elbow to cover your nose. This is exactly what the dab is. Before you hit the dab, make sure your nose is in the inner elbow of your right or left arm. Now use your other arm and extend it outward at the same time; the other arm should be pointed in the opposite direction of where you are learning. Now alternate where you lean with every beat.


  1. Dab

If you combine all these steps, dabbing will become your second nature! Some things will take a little practice but once you get more advanced you can throw in your own dances before the next beat drops.