Another blind date


Bailey Neal

In the highest of fashion, Ben Stump (11) and Caroline Brown (11) pose. Read all about their blind date.

Allison McKenzie, Sports Editor

Caroline Brown (11) and Ben Stump (11), casually strolled into Red Robin at the same time realizing that they were there for the exact same thing: a blind date with each other. They were completely surprised and then followed the waitress to their table amidst the busy Saturday night atmosphere. Once they were seated, they casually talked and seemed to be having a great time. Brown ordered a water and chicken fingers whereas Stump preferred a classic lemonade and hamburger. They chatted and laughed the night away while the restaurant was buzzing with birthday songs and ice cream sundaes. “Overall, we had a ton of fun. He’s really good to talk to and he’s really nice,” says Brown.  Stump also believes that the date was a success and wants to get to know Brown even more now. “I thought the date went really well. I didn’t know Caroline that well before,  but she’s pretty cool and I’m glad we got to spend  some time together and get to know each other better,” says Stump. They could potentially go on a second date or could never talk again. Who knows, only time will tell what will happen with these two.