The five stages of exams


Nicole Bobb, news editor


Every semester we have exams and every semester there are tears. Exams are a part of life and your ability to get through exams says a lot about your abilities as a successful student. Although exams are difficult, we are all going through the same thing- exams are a process that we can break into five stages.


Denial- You get the study guides and they’re nice, but you’re a pro, right? You know this. You own this class. Why study Anatomy when you are Anatomy? Honestly, if anyone should be giving this exam it should be you. I mean, sure your grade is right at a make-or-break level, but you’re fine. Procrastination sets in because while you know that you should study, you would rather do anything than memorize a math theorem.


Anger- Finding out that the test is primarily everything you didn’t think you needed to study. Almost as though the teacher knew you wouldn’t look at the review. Conspiracy? I have a Netflix queue full of crime shows that I just binged. That should tell you something.


Bargaining- “Dear God, I’ll never ever ever not study for the exam if only you let me pass this. I mean it this time. Hello?”

“So, um, is there going to be a curve? Is one possible?”

“Funny story, I have this friend named Ben Franklin. He’s pretty cool and crisp, wouldn’t you say?”


Depression- At the beginning of the exam, during the exam, for a couple days after you check Skyward, and then when applying to colleges. I like to call this the “Post Exam Blues”, which is kind of like the sadness you have after Christmas, if Santa gave Cs instead of new toys.


Acceptance- You’d think that over time you would become better and more aware of the mistakes you’ve made, but unfortunately you’re still in denial.