What’s the buzz

Madelyn Conklin and Nicole Bobb

-Kim Kardashian swears her 2-year-old daughter North West posted bikini pic of her from 10 years ago on Instagram:

“Even her daughter knows that’s trashy.” -Sydney Wesley (11)

-Museum in Amsterdam bans cameras and asks guests to sketch draw instead:

“Personally, I’m a horrible artist, so I would rather have pictures of what I’m seeing because all I can draw is stick figures.” -Ashley Scott (12)

-The Statue of Liberty was originally based on a Muslim woman:

“That’s most likely incorrect because this is the United States of America that was founded by European people, so it was most likely a European woman.” -Bharat Goel (10)

-Sleeping on the left side of the bed reportedly makes you healthier-

“I always sleep on the right. Oops.” -Julien Schlage (12)

-Self-driving cars may be coming sooner than you think:

“Actually, in California, a cop pulled over a car and got [to the car] and saw that there was no driver and only a passenger because they were testing a self driving car.” -Enrique Infante (11)

-People on the no fly list are allowed to buy guns:

“It’s kind of ridiculous. You won’t let these people on a plane, but you’re going to let them have a gun?” Eli Hart (11)

“Well, guns are an unalienable right! I’m saying that sarcastically. You’re letting someone who is too dangerous to travel somewhere carry a gun?” Cassandra Thompson (11)

-Argument about allowing Syrian refugees into Michigan:

“It’s fine. They’re refugees and they need a place to stay. Michigan’s definitely got plenty of room and resources. The amount of refugees that are actually dangerous is ridiculously low- it’s like negligible.” Eli Hart (11)

“I’m fine with it. I think that any way that we can help people in need makes us better people.” Cassandra Thompson (11)