2015 VS 2016


Megan McKenzie, editor-in-chief

The year of 2015 quickly approached its end, and although it was filled with many memories, it is time to move on as we do every year to see what the new year has to offer. 2015 was a bright year for Portage Northern predicting nothing but the best for 2016. Here are some of the highlights from 2015 and their corresponding predictions for the new year.

2015 Events

  1. Portage Northern Men’s Baseball Team reached state finals: This year the men’s baseball team managed to battle their way through the tough district, moving on and crushing the opposition at regionals and semi-finals, and managing to make it all the way to the state finals. “I had a lot of different emotions [about making it to states], but I was mostly excited and proud,” said Chris Andrews, Head Baseball Coach, “The biggest thing was the sense of accomplishment of the group of players that gelled together and wanted to keep playing.”
  2. Portage Northern kicks butt in Breadlift: “I felt amazing. I was really proud of everyone for working together to raise that much money,” said Vice President Abbie Burtis (12). This year Portage Northern Students exceeded their goal of $20,000 (with the wonderful help of our neighbors the Mustangs) to donate to the March of Dimes. “I felt a weight being lifted off my shoulders and it just makes our senior year that much better,” said President Olivia Woods (12).
  3. The Patriots beat Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX: Whether you are a Seahawks fan, a Patriots fan, or just like to watch for the commercials, everyone discussed after Tom Brady led his team all the way to the big game and pulled a huge victory over the Seattle Seahawks. “I was happy that the Patriots won because I like Tom Brady,” said Austin Killman (12), “but the Seahawks should have had Marshawn Lynch run.”

2016 Events

  1. Baseball prediction: “I predict there is a good chance we could make it back [to states],” said Andrews. The team is most likely to work just as hard during the 2016 season to go just as far in the tournament. “With the talent and players we have, I think we have just as a good chance to make it this year as we did last year,” said Andrews.
  2. Breadlift Prediction: “I think [Portage Northern] will do great and raise a lot of money,” said Burtis, “the record will be hard to beat again so I wish them the best.” Without the current senior class, the rest of Portage Northern will have to step up their game to try and beat the old record and save even more babies this November. “The juniors in senate are very dedicated so I think they will do great next year!” said Woods.
  3. Super Bowl Prediction: Although we are still weeks away from the big game, students are beginning to get excited as to who will play and even win this year’s Super Bowl game. “I think the Carolina Panthers have a good chance to win next year because they have the best defense in the league and they have Super Cam,” said Conor Handlogten (12).