Top past trends on YouTube


Lexi Kava, Staff Writer

Ah, Yes! It’s that time, as we move into the new year families get together to remember the years past. Like when Suzie was a brace face, or when Timmy peed his pants in Target. Although the best times to reminisce about, would be remembering all those stupid YouTube videos you used to watch in middle school. Join me as we remember the top 4 YouTube videos of 2010.


Annoying Orange

Nightmares. Annoying laughs. Bad jokes. Oh, The Horror! So many hours wasted watching the disturbing talking orange and all of his fruity friends. “I’m not a fan, but it’s a great idea” said Lexi MIller (10) For some strange reason the Annoying Orange videos were extremely popular in 2010, reaching YouTube’s top charts multiple times I guess a lot of people have some strange love for creepy talking fruits.

Justin Bieber Fan Videos

The Bieber fever was an all out epidemic five years ago. The disease spread like wildfire all over the world. Fanfictions, fan art, and fan videos started popping up all over the internet. In fact Justin Bieber videos in general became some of the most watched videos in 2010. Teenage girls spent 90% of their time staring at his face The biggest question asked now, is why?!

Twilight Saga Eclipse Trailer

Hmmm. Yea, this was definitely courtesy of the twihards. In 2010 another video that moved it’s way to the top of the charts was the trailer for the Twilight Eclipse movie. Apparently to girls nothing is hotter than some sparkly vampires and a shirtless Taylor Lautner…over and over and over again. “Taylor Lautner is prime, praise Jesus” said Kim White (10)

Old Spice

For those of you who don’t know, Old Spice is a men’s hygiene company known for their interesting commercials. They usually consist of very weird things like singing mothers and weird men. Well since 2010, old spice has definitely upped their game when they added mothers slipping out from couch cushions. However five years ago, Old Spice were just starting to be recognized when they started airing their rather..interesting commercials.