Top Winter Movies 2015-2016


A majority of Northern students stay tuned for ABC Family’s “25 Days of Christmas” to catch their favorite holiday and winter movies. With so many movies to choose from, there are a handful that stand out and leave students remembering them from their childhood. The holiday season has a lot to offer along with movies that have been keeping traditions running in families and individuals. Take a glimpse at some of their favorites.

Elf has to be the best holiday movie, you can never go wrong with Will Ferrell.” -Alex Gross (12).

The Night Before Christmas because I can get away with watching it during Halloween and Christmas.” -Cris Smith (9).

The Santa Clause because it’s funny and I’ve watched it since I was a kid.” -Sydney Schermerhorn (12).

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas because I love the soundtrack.” -Alison Yelsma (11)

A Christmas Story because it’s always been a family tradition.”  -Cody Hardwick (12)

The Polar Express because it’s pretty much [been] a holiday tradition since I was young.” -Grant McNally (12)

“I’ll agree with The Grinch only because I’m relatable to him when it comes to Christmas.” -Madison Ford (11)

Santa Paws because it’s the most memorable from my childhood.” -Kaitlin Wilson (11)

“The most memorable for me would be Rudolph.” -Shannon Schlubatis (11).

“I would say Elf is my favorite because it has a funny and good story line.” -Aman Potel (10)

Home Alone is my favorite because, ‘Keep the change, ya filthy animal.’” -Tony Sorkoram (12)