Terror in France

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It’s happened again.  With 130 lives lost and hundreds left wounded on the evening of November 13, 2015, France fell under three suicide bombings and four shootings at several locations.

“It was really sad to hear about what happened, but it makes sense as to why Russia dropped ‘For Paris’ engraved bombs on Syria,” Tyler Kitchen (12) said.

Social media then sparked a “Pray For Paris” hashtag on Twitter and the ability to change your Facebook profile picture with a red, white, and blue transparent filter to show support to Parisians. “I saw pictures on social media where ‘The World Lights Up for Paris’ and it was so beautiful to see so many places supporting and keeping citizens of Paris in their thoughts, even my Facebook friends changed their pictures to have the filter on them,” said Grace Cummings (9).

In recent updates, authorities are searching for suspects, even if they have already fled back to Syria. Names are being released with identification. “It’s a good thing that people are figuring out who were apart of the terrible attacks,” said Gabbie Byers (9), “The US has definitely upgraded security, and it allows prevention for further attacks on us. But I really think enforcements should be able to watch out on communication of terrorists because the Paris attacks were planned through a Playstation 4.”

As weeks have passed, Paris is trying to find it’s place to heal. Currently wanting a 3 month state-of-emergency-  this means that the government can suspend and/or change functions of the branches of government during this period of time. The actions of issuing a state-of-emergency, it would cause the United Nations climate conference to be covered.

“I think because Paris is a really strong country as it is and they have so many allies, including us, and with all these countries supporting them, they can bounce back over time,” said Anna Heystek (11).