Do Not Conform to the Hairiness

Huskies weigh in on “No Shave November”


Lydia Huitt, Life & Style Editor

Love it or hate it, it is here. The hairy monster to terrorize many and enthrall few . Hair grows and  hygiene decreases as razors are thrown away by members of both genders. Ladies and gents, “No Shave November” has arrived. Disclaimer: all jokes aside, one needs to thoroughly wash their hair, beard and all. Otherwise one’s life choices are just gnarly, and not in a good “dude, this sandwich is gnarly,” kind of way.

When asked if he too would engage in this horrendous tradition, Reece Brosco (11) said, “I don’t know if I’m about to do it. I know it has some sort of cause for it. Like cancer or something.” Ok, so perchance there is a ray of goodness in what should be named “The Most Unfortunate Month of the Year,” but one can decide for oneself  if anyone actually cares about its original purpose.

After sporting some hardcore, yet acceptable, stubble, Brandon Curr (11) was asked if he was participating in “No Shave November.” He quickly said, “No, I like accidentally forgot to shave. It’s just weird and uncomfortable.” However, he went on to say, “If I could go straight to a full beard, it wouldn’t be a problem. Like the lumberjack [look].” Curr is not the only one in the “bearded wannabe” squad. “[If I could grow a full beard], oh definitely. I like a Howie Mandel upside down triangle,” said Brosco. Well, that is a choice.  Do you, Brosco.

I like a Howie Mandel upside down triangle

— Reece Brosco

Alex Kramer (12) also responded to the “to-beard or not to-beard” inquiry. “Probably not ‘cause my girlfriend [does not like it],” said Kramer. Sending a quick shout out to Izzy Davison (12) for her taste in fellas. Other girls, however, do not share this “anti-beard” conviction. “I wouldn’t be like, ‘No, I’m not interested in you, ‘cause you have a beard.’ It’s not about that,” said Elle Brandt. Brandt states a good point, but it is not recommended to expect a girl to be all up on one’s kisser if one’s face is covered in fur.

So one can decide on their own how they feel about “No Shave November.” Although it is clearly a poor life choice for one to look like they either have extensive dirt or a raccoon on their face, please feel free to tweet @pnlight with your opinion. Be kind and stay clean, Huskies.