What the Kind of Pie You Like Says About You



Nicole Bobb, News Editor


-Apple- You can’t get any more American than eating apple pie. Apple pie is as American as baseball, big trucks, Walmart, country music, and making obscure people internet famous.


-Caramel Apple Pie- You are living life to the fullest and should be the model upon which all people base their eating habits.


-Pecan- You are little nuts, but pecan get through this.


-Crack Pie- If your holiday dessert table includes crack pie, you are probably headed toward living in a box or the White House. In 2014, President Obama noted how good the pies at the White House are, “I don’t know what he does, whether he puts crack in them, or…” Michelle Obama was quick to say that “there is no crack in our pies.”


-Pumpkin Pie (or anything Pumpkin) – You are probably a white girl. The first step is acceptance. Life is just putting one UGG boot in front of the other.


-Cherry Pie- If you eat cherry pie, you are full of adventure and optimism even when life is the pits; you are always looking for the cherry on top.