MVP of the Month: Hasten Biddlecome

Lily Antor, Staff Writer

As Portage Northern’s Men’s Varsity Soccer Goalkeeper for the past 2 years now, Hasten Biddlecome (11) has certainly become a noteworthy player. He and the team have been quite successful, recently advancing to the regional finals. “I love the skill level we all have.  We have that drive to be better, so we push each other,” explained Biddlecome.

According to his sister Hannah Biddlecome (10), he’s been a great goalie for quite awhile. “He has been a goalie since he was in 4th grade, which is impressive because usually no one wants to be that.” She also added, “Soccer is pretty much been his whole life. I’ve never seen anyone else put as much effort into a single sport like he does.”

While reflecting on why he likes soccer, Hasten said, “The qualities that soccer has taught me are keeping a healthy mindset and a positive attitude. And those things transfer over into so many different things.”