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American Pitbull by Brooklyn Bridge

Lily Antor, Staff Writer

Senate Bill 239. Another new act created, but this time it’s about dog discrimination. Michigan is taking a stand to eliminate BSL (breed-specific laws). Within Michigan, there are 28 cities and counties with breed-specific laws that ban pit bulls.

“I support the fact that Michigan has ok’d the proposal, not all pit bulls are “vicious” or “dangerous,” and it’s not fair if they’re the only dogs that are being prohibited in some public areas,” said Amber Vandyken (12).

“I think it’s ridiculous that some cities and counties even have those BSLs (breed specific laws) because that discriminates pit bulls and they’re not all ‘vicious,’” said Randy Prince (11).

“I don’t personally have much of a problem with pit bulls but some act outrageous in public,” said Katya Campbell (12), “It should depend on how their owners train them.”



“I don’t think it’s a good idea to allow college students to carry guns because it could lead to more shootings,” Max Beffel (10) said. “No one has stopped a shooting by shooting another gun. There are more cons than pros when it comes to allowing students to carry.”

“It’s not a good idea to allow gun carry because there are non-lethal types of protection,” Riley Fernandez (10) said.

“If students are going to be allowed to carry guns, they should have a clean background and criminal check, with no mental illness. But they should be allowed to protect themselves,” said Jaylen Clark (10).



November 3rd, a day that brought Portage together with the bond proposal being approved by Portage voters, allowing $144 million to be put towards education. Some of the many projects that will be constructed within Portage include two new middle schools, two new athletic stadiums, and renovations in other buildings. Portage Northern will soon have its own football stadium that will give good effects to various facilities.

“Overall, I think the bond proposal is great for Portage. I like the fact that all facilities will get a part of it. I’m excited for the future teams to get the chance to play a real home football game, especially for Coach Scherm,” said Nick Vichnisky (12).
“It sucks that the bond isn’t really for us [seniors] but it is nice to be able to have the future students of Northern have the opportunity to get their own home games for football and the band gets to practice on a real field. The entire athletic facility will get a major upgrade,” said Sam Fields (12).