Is It Really Worth Eight Dollars a Month?

Netflix needs an upgrade.


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Demi Jensen, Staff Writer

For only $8 a month, an unlimited selection of TV shows are available for binge-watching at any time. Except, where are all of the throwback 90’s and 2000’s favorites? And the newest seasons of the most popular shows? And don’t forget about everyone’s favorite movies.


The most recent seasons of Dance Moms and Pretty Little Liars would be perfect for those who have been watching PLL since the airing of the first episode and for those who enjoy the drama in Dance Moms. “I wish they would update Netflix more frequently with newer seasons of TV shows,” said Krista Proksch (10).


Jon Snow would want The Game of Thrones to be on Netflix. “It’s easier to get. You can only get them on DVD,” said Alex Hamilton (10).


Hopefully we could see That’s So Raven on Netflix in the future. “That show was so funny when I was little,” said Jenna Mattison (12).


Any high schooler who loved- and still loves- SpongeBob SquarePants hopes one day the most iconic episodes are finally on Netflix. “I wish they’d put the good, old Disney and Nick shows on there,” said Lauren Michelli (10).


Silver hair and paranormal powers were a favorite among kids back in the day. “I used to watch Danny Phantom,” said Isabelle Kominek (10).


“You only meet your once in a lifetime friends… once in a lifetime.” It’s taking Netflix a lifetime to put up the original version of The Little Rascals. “The new version isn’t as authentic,” said Izzy Maurer (10).


   Hannah Montana and That’s So Raven are definitely demanded by the teenagers who grew up watching Disney Channel. “Right now, Disney kind of sucks,” said Sooin Choi (10).


Eight dollars a month seems like it should be cheaper considering all of the missing TV shows and movies. Netflix should definitely consider listening to their audience when revising. Maybe sometime in the future Netflix will have the selection that viewers so often demand.