DIY Halloween Costumes!

Lexi Kava (10), Staff Writer

It’s that wonderful time of year when the leaves start changing, Halloween stores open up, the air begins to chill and teens finally have a way to get free candy. Yup that’s right, it’s Halloween! *Que crash of thunder and maniacal laughing*  Now let’s get down to business; what are you going to be? Please don’t be that person who claims to be taking their little sibling trick or treating out of the “goodness of your heart,” but end up having them get candy for you. The number one rule of going trick or treating is having a costume! But what happens when you parents won’t buy a new costume or you run out of time? Never fear, here are 6 easy DIY costumes so you can go fill up a pillowcase of candy in the Halloween spirit.   


  1. A Zombie!

I mean, who doesn’t like zombies? This is your ticket to making weird noises and grabbing  people’s heads without looking like some crazy person. First thing to do is find an old outfit and cut a bunch of holes in them, rub some mud and fake blood on them. Basically, do anything to make it look like you’ve been living in a forest for 10 years. Next, get some makeup (borrow it if you have to, gentlemen) and pull up a picture of a walker and try your best to replicate their face. Trust me unless you’re like some way cool makeup artist, it’s going to look nowhere near as cool as Walking Dead’s zombies, but, hey, goals to shoot for in life. Last thing you need to do is put it on and start drunkenly stumbling all around yelling for “braiiinnnsssssss” and you’re ready to go get some candy!


  1. A Minion!

These are literally the cutest little animated things ever to be put on TV. People will love this and it will for sure get you loads of sweets! First, get a yellow shirt and put it on, then find some jeans. Get some suspenders (Sorry if you have to buy this part) and add them to the look. Then make goggles, you could use swimming goggles or paper cups, finally draw eyeballs on them and glue them to a headband. BAM! You’re a minion now!


  1. A Ghost!

Super simple yet very effective. This is one of the first  costumes made for Halloween. Okay, listen up this one’s hard. Take a white garbage bag (don’t want to ruin mom’s bed sheets now do we?) cut two small holes at the top. Then use a sharpie and draw a mouth on it. Make it happy,sad, spookie, or whatever you want. Then put it over your head and scare your way through the neighborhood!


  1. A Pig in a Blanket!

Believe it or not, now you can take a super yummy snack and make it into a costume. It super simple, go to Target or Walmart and buy a hat with a pig face on it, or if you’re feeling creative use face paint and paint your face like a pig. Then grab a blanket to wrap yourself in. TaDaaaaa! Now you’re ready to have a delicious time with your friends.


  1. Wednesday Addams!

For all the young ladies out there, you could go as the ever charming Wednesday Addams. All you have to do is find a black dress with a white collar shirt to put under it. Braid your hair (it should be black so you could get a wig or use pant if your hair is light) in two braids. Then use makeup to give yourself that dead look; you know, pale skin, hollow eyes and sunken cheeks. The final step is to make sure you do not smile the whole night and keep talking about death and you’re all set!


  1. A Ninja!

All right this one’s totally the easiest but it’s the perfect outfit to wear when hiding  out in dark spaces scaring little children! All you have to do is cover yourself in black clothing. There, it’s that simple! You can add a cool sword with it too. Just make sure you show off all your cool ninja flips (AKA summersaults)