Teacher Superlatives

Students select winners of recent teacher poll


Demi Jenson, Staff Writer

Students are often the ones who are assigned superlatives, but this time it’s the teachers. The Northern Light asked students to put a tally by the teacher who they thought was “most likely to.” The outcomes were extremely accurate and quite hilarious.


Most likely to skip school: Thorpe or Killmer?

Winner: Killmer (#beardpower)

Most likely to survive hunger games: Kozian or Neal?

Winner: Neal (he can climb trees)

Most likely to be famous: Paynich or Olsen?

Winner: Olsen (he’s so cute”

Most Likely to win a rap battle: Shaffer or Rewa?

Winner: Rewa (rouck out, Rewa!)

Most likely to replace Maury Povich: Dixon or Rath?

Winner: Dixon (we did a paternity test)

Most likely to be on reality TV: Laing or Swinehart?

Winner: Swinehart (math reality?)

Most likely to be social media famous: Armitage or Hill?

Winner: Arm (cuz he can breakdance)

Most likely to be voted class clow in high school: Jordan or Bartz?

Winner: Bartz (watch the TV broadcasts!)

Most likely to be President of the US: Fitzpatrick or Friedman?

Winner: fitz (he does teach government)

Most likely to quit teaching and become a comedian: Shaffer or Andrews?

Winner: Andrews (got baseball jokes?)