A Carrot is Worth a Thousand Words

What your lunch says about you


Cortney Chow, Feature Editor

The bell for lunch is the most heavenly noise for your ears—or should I say stomach? You’ll either drive off campus or join your friends in the cafeteria. Regardless of what you eat, every piece of food you place in your mouth reveals a glimpse of your personality. You may have a favorite restaurant in mind for lunch, but do you know yourself better than the food you eat? Here is a list of the most popular lunches among PNHS students and what they say about them.


Home Lunch:

Truth be told, you have probably been bringing lunch from home ever since you were five. Whether it’s in a brown paper sack or a bag you’ve had since middle school, nothing can compare to the goodness you or your parents pack for lunch. By “goodness” I mean unlimited snacks and endless lunch possibilities. The best part is that you have full control over what you eat, making this perfect for the people who have trust issues with restaurants or are picky eaters. This is also a cheaper alternative compared to school lunch. A definite staple for home lunch is a PB&J sandwich and an apple. “Lunch from home definitely makes you a classic,” said Jessica Begeman (10).


School Lunch:

Should I give you the “High Tolerance to Unusual Foods Award” now or later? In other words, Michelle Obama has nothing you on. As long as you have food for lunch, you’re a happy camper. Bharat Goel (10) is a regular customer for school lunch and says, “I’m pretty chill when it comes to food, I could eat the Hispanic food all day with an occasional yogurt parfait.”  Getting school lunch also means you’re patient when it comes to long lines or that you’ve grown immune to them. You don’t get irritated when the kid in front of you takes five minutes to decide what he wants on his nachos because you understand that picking nacho toppings can be a difficult task.



Let’s just cut straight to the chase: you don’t care what’s healthy and what isn’t, as long as the food makes your taste buds dance, you’ll keep coming back for more—even if this makes you a victim of obesity. You might be a penny pincher because of the dollar menu, but all of those chicken nuggets can add up. However, no one can blame you; the dollar menu, fast service, and fries that will set your standards high makes this place appealing to fast food lovers or anyone with a hectic schedule. “It’s a stereotyped kind of place, but you don’t mind because you’re able to buy one dollar menu items in plethora,” said Keanu Wagner (12).


Taco Bell:

Hi, welcome to the Mexican version of McDonald’s! May I take your order? You’re not cautious about where the beef comes from or how it’s made; all you want is cheesy gooiness to be in your mouth. You also prefer to order via drive thru and dine in your car. After all, comfort and fast service is the key to your heart. Whether you love taco bell for their addicting beverages or the tacos, this has been an old-time fast food classic. Even the service is interesting and friendly. “I’ve had more conversations with Taco Bell employees compared to other fast food restaurants and the food tastes great,” said Evan Sexsmith (12).



Some classify you as basic, while others classify you as a hero when it comes to identifying the best and most fulfilling foods. You might have borderline trust issues when it comes to food because you like to see the process of your lunch being made, and you’re not much of a penny pincher when it comes to that side of guacamole.  “Chipotle is life. Chipotle is love,” said major Chipotle fan, Grace Peguese (11).  Chipotle is like a step up from Taco Bell but with natural ingredients, making this the perfect hang out for health conscious people.


Jimmy Johns:

This is a delicious and faster alternative to Subway. You like to keep things efficient and tend to do things that are most convenient for your schedule. Delivery, pick up, and dining-in makes this place versatile for every occasion and helpful for busy people. Because of Jimmy John’s endless menu of subs, you might be a bit indecisive when picking the right sandwich to tame your hunger. This also makes you a dare devil or one to live life in the fast lane. “I like how fast it is, and the quality is pretty good,” said Elise Voinaroski (9).


Five Guys:

You like fast food, but enjoy feeling like you’re eating a gourmet meal. In other words, you enjoy the fast life with class. The fries from Five Guys and McDonald’s might be tied for the “Best Fries Award” but the burgers at Five Guys are unbeatable. You also love freebies because of the peanuts that come along with the order and the choice of free toppings for your burger. You are also easily amused if you think their fountain drink machine is the coolest thing ever invented, but going to Five Guys during lunch also means you’re a bit of a risk taker. “Going to Five Guys for lunch definitely makes you risky. The time it takes to go to five guys and wait in line is either hit or miss. You can either have a short line and be on time or have a long line and be late due to the fact that they make everything to order, not pre-made,” said Nikki Pachika (11).



Although it may be overpriced, you definitely know quality bread when you see (eat) it.  You enjoy comfortable environments and eat both healthy and unhealthy foods. Sometimes you’ll be the sweet tooth that presses their face against the bakery display case or you’ll be the savory person that needs the bread bowl in order to function for the day. The environment can be perceived as calm and relaxing so if you need a place to take your mind off things, Panera is perfect. This also means your personality is cat-like or that you have moments when you’re introverted. “I feel like a lot of people around here like Panera, but people who go there often like that peace and quiet to eat. If you just want some time away, I think Panera is a good place to go.” said Drake Simpkins (11).