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Nicole Bobb, News Editor

Donald Trump

“I think Donald Trump is an idiot and doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”  -Trinity Posey (9)

“If Donald Trump wasn’t so heinously rich, no one would give him as much attentionas he seems to get.”  -Jamila McKenzie (12)

“It wasn’t [John McCain’s] fault that he was captured, and anyway he was serving the country.”  -Bryn Bogemann (11)


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McDonald’s Breakfast 

“I went on a trip and it was like 10:29 and we were ordering right when they switched to lunch, and I really wanted the [breakfast] wrap. It killed me.”  -Marina Uchai (11)


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“A dislike of a picture could be [interpreted] like ‘oh, I hate your face.’ It’s not a good idea.”  -Agathe Gentre (11)