Money Can’t Buy PRIDE! : The NL Shuts down Rumors


Megan McKenzie, Editor in Chief

“Money is life, life is money,” said Ni Pham (12). For many Huskies, money is one of the most important things; it buys our gas, new outfits, and our Panera lunch every day.  However, is it important enough to buy Huskie PRIDE?

Huskie PRIDE (Positivity, Respect, Initiative, Determination, and Engagement) was put into action here at Northern about a year ago by a group of teachers known as our behavior team. “They work to identify some of our shortcomings and how to problem solve,” said Jim French. The team originally thought of the idea based off of the behavioral pyramid that Northern created and used PRIDE as a way to express their goals for Huskie behavior. “It is meant to define who we are so we can help meet those expectations,” said French. These guidelines are in place to make it easier for students to meet and surpass academic expectations. “PRIDE shows off our school and shows that we actually care,” said Shea Bigelow (9).

Recently there have been accusations of the administration using Huskie PRIDE for grant money, but can rumors be trusted?  “It wouldn’t surprise me because we are a top ten school and we revolve around money,” said Maryn Brown (10).  Portage Northern is ranked highly among the best high schools in Michigan and has no trouble keeping up with technological advances- leading many students to believe that taxes aren’t the only thing paying for our education.  French stated that he was “shocked” that some would think that money was the intent. “It wasn’t born because of money, but because of need,” said French.

In a society that focuses on money, it can be difficult to enact something for the sole purpose of making a difference. Huskie PRIDE intends to make a difference at Portage Northern with or without the rumored profit. “PRIDE is meant to define our path, and grant money doesn’t have a part of that,” said French.