Homecoming predictions 2015


Homecoming Event Board awaits results.

Allison McKenzie (10), Sports Editor

From car push, pie eating, lip feud, and dress up days, to the big game and dance, homecoming is definitely a week to remember. Every year there has to be a winner for activity, but the real question is, who? Will it be the Seniors who somehow win every year, (as some people think), or will it be the Juniors who are striving to catch up? Will it be the Sophomores who have little-to-no school spirit or will it be the Freshmen, the newbies to the school? We’ll have to rely on the students of Portage Northern to answer that burning question for us. Here is what 35 students thought about the potential outcomes of the upcoming Homecoming activities.

Car push

Seniors- 91%

Juniors- 3%

Sophomores- 3%

Freshmen- 3%


Pie Eating Competition

Seniors- 43%

Juniors- 26%

Sophomores- 26%

Freshmen- 5%


Lip Feud


Seniors- 43%

Juniors- 23%

Sophomores- 23%

Freshmen- 11%


Tug O’ War


Seniors- 83%

Juniors- 14%

Sophomores- 3%

Freshmen- 0%


Dizzy Bat Race


Seniors- 23%

Juniors- 31%

Sophomores- 26%

Freshmen- 20%


Dress Up Days


Seniors- 49%

Juniors- 23%

Sophomores- 11%

Freshmen- 17%


Homecoming Game


PN- 86%

Lakeshore- 14%