Year in Review: Music

Top song in the last four years


Brooklyn Hudson, Staff Writer

In Portage Northern you see all of the students with headphones walking through the hallways. What do they listen to? So many students love the fact that we can listen to music, but there are some songs that they just have to listen to daily just to get motivated or even be in a better mood.

What types of things do they listen to and what has been the top 4 songs in the past years that students want and even need to listen to as the long day goes on. So many songs so many lyrics, but this is what get them through the day.

“ Somebody that I used to know” by Gotye and Kimbra had the number one spot in 2012.This song really got stuck in people’s heads and now it’s not on a lot of peoples playlists.

The top songs that has to be on playlist the last 4 years. These songs are still played on the radio and are even still on playlist. These songs are what help students learn and got them through their 4 years of high school. So many songs and these were the ones that made the top charts.

The song that everybody knows that catchy tune that says you can be stylish in any way even from a thrift store. “Thrift shop” by Macklemore took the number one spot in 2013. This song hit top charts fast and was on everybody’s playlist.

The song that took the charts in 2014 was a song that got you moving and happy.

“Happy” by Pharrell Williams took the top as the number one song. It always had a way of getting the little ones to sit down and watch it and make them dance around. It was also good to play at parties to get everybody moving.

“See you again” by Wiz khalifa took the top spot in 2015. This song has come back in the last few months as a top song because it was played in the movie Furious 7 as an goodbye to Paul Walker. This was a touching part in the movie and now the song is coming back. See you again has touched a lot of hearts in so many ways being played in the movie as everybody misses Paul walker.