Year in Review: Memories

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March 4, 2016
Year in Review: Memories

In the past year, many high schoolers have spent their free time lounging on their couch, gushing over “Orange is the New Black” episodes, following Kylie Jenner’s lip evolution trend, and bawling into their pillows as Zayn Malik separated from One Direction.  During the 2014-2015 school year, Katy Perry also rocked Super Bowl XLIX and Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt finally tied the knot. The Interview shocked audiences everywhere while the Michael Brown shooting caused riots across the nation.  Meanwhile, at Portage Northern High School we were busy making memories of our own. From fall nights under the Friday lights to amazing Spring Break trip memories, this year is certainly one to remember.

“The beginning of the year and football season is my favorite part because it is filled with pride for the school, and everyone has so much to share from the summer previously,” said Nick Vichinsky (11). Fun times filled the fall for many Huskies as incoming freshman found their place and senioritis started to kick in already with the upperclassmen. Fall sports teams were a great way for people to make new friends. Each team chose to bond in different ways. “The best part of my cross country season was definitely going to the camp during the summer with everyone,” said Lexi Gavlas (9). The football team chose to bond throughout their season in a different way. “Wing night was my favorite,” said Joey Leone (10). The team met up every Wednesday to devour man’s favorite food and bond with the team.  “My most memorable moment was playing homecoming night,” said Vichinsky. Portage Northern brought on the Huskie spirit during homecoming week with dress up days, lip feud, and other festivities, just enough to beat Loy Norrix in the homecoming game. The game wasn’t the end of this exciting week though. “I think I will remember the homecoming dance the most because it wasn’t what I expected it to be,” said Will Todd (9).

“My favorite memory was probably beating Portage Central in football,” said Ryan Beadle (11). The Huskies beat Portage Central in the second round of playoffs during a freezing October night. By the end of the game, Portage Central’s bleachers had completely cleared because they knew that they had no chance of making a come back. When the last second ticked on the scoreboard, and the Huskies had won, the student section went crazy and stormed the field-not so gracefully-as everyone fell on top of each other. “It was such a cool feeling having the whole school so excited about something that I was a part of,” said Beadle.

The holidays were filled with exciting memories for the majority of Huskies as some people spent the time to enjoy their families, and others chose to enjoy winter festivities with friends. “My aunt lives on a lake, so going ice skating with my cousins was really fun,” said Maggie Graham (11). Through Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Christmas, the students at Portage Northern never failed to have a memorable time.

Spring Break 2015 was a time of adventure for many Huskies, as half of the Portage Northern population migrated to the South for the week, and the other half made memories with friends at home. “I went on my first cruise with my friend and went to a bunch of cool countries I’d never been to,” said Gavlas. Other Huskies enjoyed the sun rays of Anna Maria Island, Las Vegas, Orlando, and even Paris!

“Prom was super fun,” said Ryan Reeder (11). The most recent memory on most upperclassmen minds is of course prom. This year’s theme was Empire State of Mind with the colors black, white, and red. The prom boasted many different activities such as henna tattoos, palm readings, caricatures and of course, the ever popular photo booth. This prom was definitely a memorable one.

As the rest of the nation remembers the years of 2014-2015 as the time of One Direction going in multiple directions, failed plastic surgeries of the Jenners, and the peak of Netflix, Huskies will remember this year in the future as the year of exciting football games, far away adventures, and an amazing New York Prom.