Music makes you lose control: PN discusses music festivals

Savanna-Rose Randol, staff writer

“Music, happiness and love,” said Zoe Eiermenn (11). Many people go through their own summer time journeys and experiences to remember forever. Sometimes one is not sure what to do during the summer but want to experience something more. If that’s the case there are plenty of festivals to go, “My sister’s been to Bonaroo. It’s like $330 for a ticket. Or there’s Lollapalooza and Electric Forest,” said Hannah Pulver (12). Deciding which music festival to go to is based solely on personal music preference. “[Electric Dance Music] stuff is fun,” said Pulver. There are many hyped music festivals for the more energetic and boisterous people that like to party, but there are also very calming and relaxing ones. “I usually go to folk music or blue grass, but when I was younger I went to rock concerts,” said PNHS teacher Collin Killmer.

Whether it’s rock, EDM, or blue grass, it’s bound to bring people together. “Of course there’s Electric Forest. I’ve heard of Peacefest and Hoodlidoo those are really chill ones,” said Sapphire Shefler (12). From activities like yoga and making a giant peace sign out of people there’s a lot of unity to experience at small fests such as those. “What I expected to see was the standard bands playing after one another but it was a lot more improv. It was a community of people, lots of bands would come together that you wouldn’t expect,” said Killmer on his festival experience.  There’s nothing better than camping out with a diversity of equal people to enjoy music everyone loves. “Music is such a powerful thing to people. Music can make you feel good when nothing else can,” said Pulver.

There’s plenty to go to, even though most of the time there’s an age limit of 18. But there are reasons for that. Although music festivals can be happy and high-spirited places, there are circumstances that can lead to unsafe situations. “Definitely go with a crowd and if you’re a female stay with your crowd,” said Shefler. It’s not always rainbows and butterflies at these places, “Expect a lot of drugs and touchy feely people,” said Pulver. “Mostly cool people but then some creepers…expect lots of creepers,” said Shefler. “Go with a group of people and don’t get lost. That would be very scary and dangerous,” said Eiermenn.

The dangers and upsides of a music festival are riveting and exciting, however,  very expensive mentally, physically, and economically. It’s an experience one probably won’t forget and neither will their bank accounts. “Well they have to pay for performers and keeping people safe, or cleaning up afterwards,” said Pulver. A music festival brings many things to entertain and experience, “Dancers and poi, or those people with fire. Stuff like that,” said Shefler. Music festivals can be a good or bad experience like yin and yang. “I expect lots of dancing, happy people and water, lots of water. Good props and good vibes in general. You meet new people and be friends with everyone,” said Brooke Mellema(12).