One Down, Four to Go: Zayn Malik Leaves 1D


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Zach Tenney, Staff Writer (11)

Zayn Malik, member of the boy band One Direction, announced recently that he will be going off in a new direction. Thankfully, that new direction is away. Zayn has chosen to leave One Direction, saying that he would like to be “a normal twenty-two year old,” says The Wrap. It is safe to assume that no one has told Zayn that normal twenty-two year olds do not have millions of dollars, an army of twelve-year-old girls stalking their social media profiles, cheesy fan-fictions about them overloading the internet, look-alike dolls being sold in stores, nor…well, the list goes on. None can say for certain just how Zayn will go about transforming into a “normal twenty-two year old”, so there’s really nothing anyone can do except check up on the “Where Are They Now?” shows from time to time; he’s sure to pop up one of them somewhere down the road. In the meantime, it is highly recommended that everyone grab a raincoat, because in the coming days the tears of Directioners around the world will be raining down fiercely. But, as destructive as this storm will be, everybody can take comfort in the fact that Zayn’s departure is a sign that the collapse of One Direction has, at long last, begun.