Portage Northern’s Annual Multi-Cultural Fair


Actresses of Bellydance Kalamazoo preparing to preform.

Connor Dunlop, Photographer

Having a cultural experience is something every person needs to come in contact with. Portage Northern’s annual Multi-Cultural Fair was an amazing way to catch a glimpse at the many diverse cultures that surround our community. People from all over the world came to share their country’s traditions, foods, language, and much more.

Mexico, South Korea, Japan, these are just a handful of countries that were represented at the Multi-Culti. Each country had a beautifully set up display that included activities, foods, and information specific to their country. There were traditional sweets from South Korea such as Kimbab and Yahkua. You could have your name written in Japanese, or visit France’s display and try a handmade crepe. Later in the day I was lucky enough to experience a traditional display of belly dancing performed by Kalamazoo Bellydancing. As well as a traditional display of music performed by percussionists called Samulnori. As someone who has not experienced other cultures of the world, it was interesting to see some of the traditional animations performed by people who originate from that culture.

The event as a whole was put together amazingly, and I’m glad I had the opportunity to take photos of such an important experience. I hope that everyone can attend next year to experience the same traditions, food, activities and good times I witnessed.