What your soda says about you

What your soda says about you

Wayne Matunas, Staff Writer

There are many sodas in the world-all shapes, sizes, and all kinds of different flavors. Sodas are like people in many shapes and forms. Soda can make or break a party. What does your soda say about you?


Coca Cola- I was planning on sharing this but the can said I did not have to.

Pepsi- They had no more Coke so I had to buy Pepsi.

Mountain Dew- Feeling jittery and having yellow teeth is the meaning of life.

Sprite- I asked for water.

Root Beer- I like to get frisky but not too frisky.

Grape Soda- We decided to get the mini cans.

Orange Fanta- I told my mom to get some soda.

Mellow Yellow- I wont be mellow, I am not yellow, I just didn’t have enough money for Mountain Dew.

Dr. Pepper- I still enjoy the 90’s.

Sunkist- We needed an alternative soda for the party.

7up- I’m the real MVP here.

Brisk- I like carbonated iced tea.

Cherry Coke- It’s the only way I know how to cherry bomb.