Into the Woods: a review for a tangled tale


Jessica Miner, staff writer

Last year has come and gone, but the famous Into the Woods movie is a topic that is still lingering on everyone’s lips. Trailers and teasers have infiltrated the internet and TV commercials but still some people are unsure. Is it good? Would my children and family like it? Should I see it?  And the answer is yes.

The movie is very good, with several actors and actresses being presented with Oscar nominations. Emily Blunt was nominated for best actress, and Meryl Streep as well as Anna Kendrick were nominated for best supporting actress. The movie itself has also been presented with an honorable nomination for Best Picture from Disney.

The movie is rated PG, for thematic elements, fantasy action and peril, and some suggestive material. However, before the parental protection instincts slither in urging toward answering no, please consider that Rise of the Guardians, Brave, Madagascar, and the Lorax are some of the  greatest family friendly movies in the past few years and they share the same ratings. However, the morals this movie portrays is a reason in itself to go. It cautions children from talking to strangers and wandering off on their own, and helps them consider the choices they make and how those choices affect their loved ones, but in a fun sing song kind of way that is so funny it will bring tears to their eyes.

For those families who have teens, don’t worry, they will understand the deeper references and innuendos that those younger children will have missed, like relationship advice, how some princes are charming, just not sincere, and relationships are hard work and in order to get through the hard times, sharing and caring are essential.

The reasons for going to such an excellent movie are overwhelming and in favor of all families to come and join the experience. However, the choice to go see Into the Woods, a family friendly, high moral and hilarious musical movie, is not mine. So, will this experience pass by without you and your family?