Rating what was in the stocking


Olivia Cessna, News Editor

  1. Socks: Socks. Fuzzy, patterned, knee, footie, toe, the possibilities are honestly endless. What is not endless, however, is the need for these articles of clothing. We need socks to keep us warm and to keep the insides of our shoes from getting grody, but when exactly did these irrelevant feet coats make their way to being the most common Christmas present given? If you see a pair of socks that are “cute” or “reminded you of me,” that is awesome, tell me about it later, do not waste your time in those long Christmas lines just for that obligatory fake smile Christmas day.


  1. “My dad got me an ACT study guide. It’s still a gift but I was kinda just like ‘…thanks?.’ It’s probably because I’m Asian,” Saijan Lawoti (12).


3. “The best gift is holiday cheer! Duh,”  Ms. Bowen


  1. Re-gifted items: Probably one of the more selfish, yet innovative, gifts you can receive during the holiday season. Re-gifting a previously given present is basically saying, I do not like this enough to keep, or use it, and I have little to no money left from my priority gifts for other people, so here ya go, bud, hope you like it more than I did. “My little brother got me a book he already had and trashed that was just laying on his floor,” says Leemari Whitley(9).


  1. Barbie Doll Play House: This gift is smack-dad in the middle, mostly because if you are a girl, it is a dream come true, a way to exercise your imagination and give your precious barbie friends a cool crib for their adventures; however, if you are a boy, it is simply a cruel joke. “My grandma got me a Barbie house, I asked for a G. I. Joe action place or something,” Nick Prowse (10)


  1. “I got a onesie when I was little, I loved it, I used to put my cat in it, but it’s too big for me now…” Luc Mondoux (12)


  1. Electronics: In this day and age, any electronic device will suffice when thinking about what to get for a loved one. A camera, laptop, high tech beats, pretty much whatever found at Best Buy for a ticketed price of one hundred dollars or more. Unfortunately as we get older, our gift list, along with our intelligence and height, advances drastically. At least one piece of mind numbing technology anyone can find on almost every Christmas list.